in Lemgo

retail complex

Beermann Fachmarktzentrum Lemgo8
Beermann Fachmarktzentrum Lemgo8



11,120 sqm

Floor area

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Type of building


Scope of supply and services

April 2016 – January 2017

Period of construction
Description of the facility

A retail complex is under construction on Grevenmarschstrasse in Lemgo, comprising a DIY centre, drinks store and pet food store. The L-shaped building complex consists of a row of three single-storey halls. Adjoining the single-storey DIY centre complex is a 2-storey extension, which forms the entrance area and also the social area of the DIY centre, accommodating rest rooms, offices and changing rooms. In the north part of the DIY centre is a 2-storey section accommodating technical rooms.

Special features

Building Cenrte: 105 / 54 / 8.50 m
Warehouse: 20 / 18 / 8.70 m
Technical Rooms: 15 / 13 / 12.70 m
Warm-/Cold Storage: 39 / 46 / 7.40 m
Beverage Store / Pet Food Store: 54 / 39 / 7.30 m