Isarkies Immo­bilien

in Niederaichbach

Isarkies Immobilien in NiederaichbachIsarkies Immobilien in Niederaichbach1


Floor area

25,000 sqm


197 / 140 / 17.70 m

Type of building

Logistics building

Scope of supply and services


Period of construction

July 2013 – April 2014

Special features

The building is realised as a turnkey project excluding earthwork and exterior facilities (provided by the client). The building has a number of offsets at roof level and a roof pitch of 3°. It has no parapet and partially adjoins an existing building.

Description of the facility

The building comprises warehouse and office space divided by fire walls into 3 block storage areas and 1 high-bay storage area. Loading and unloading operations are performed at 10 docks with sectional doors. The two-storey office units are realised as room-in-room solutions. The building has a steel fibre concrete floor slab, thermally insulated cassette walls with trapezoidal sheet cladding and a foil roof. The supporting structure, both for the walls and for the roof, is formed by precast reinforced concrete elements. The office areas feature a high-quality post and beam facade. Heating for the warehouse space is provided by radiant tube heaters, for the office space by a gas condensing boiler and radiators. The warehouse areas are fitted with a sprinkler system as well as a fire alarm system.