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Project development

(en) CTA Projektentw.


To create, maintain and increase property value – that is the mission that drives BREMER Projektentwicklung to establish a local presence across the property sector, with a special focus on the office, retail, commercial and manufacturing property segments. In the revitalisation and restructuring of pre-used sites, sustainability is at the heart of our activities.

Our aim is to develop competitive, economically viable real estate for our clients. The nationwide network of BREMER branch operations and very good market contacts form a sound basis for that.

(en) Bebauungsplan Bauausführung

Project development

comprehensive service portfolio

From development planning through to construc­tion execution

Our comprehensive service portfolio includes site selection, site acquisition, building approval support, utilisation plan development, planning and management as well as the sale of the developed property to end-investors. If required, we also offer project development as a standalone service.

(en) Effiziente Immobilienkonzepte

solutions to increase property value

Efficient property concepts

To guarantee long-term client satisfaction, we offer the option of construction being handled by BREMER. We are thus in full control through every project phase and can implement efficient solutions. BREMER is one of Germany's foremost providers of turnkey construction based on precast reinforced concrete elements, which are designed and produced at the company's own works in Paderborn and Leipzig.

Project development1

(en) Industrie- und Gewerbebau

Project development2

professional project support

Commercial and industrial building construc­tion

We construct buildings for a prestigious portfolio of clients up to any defined performance limit. Our business activities span the following types of building: office buildings, furniture stores, cold storage facilities, logistics buildings, production facilities and retail. In each case, clients can count on top quality, professional implementation, cost certainty and punctual delivery.


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